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Northumbria Police don’t have a Badminton Club at this present time. (Players tend to already be associated with local clubs and County representation so it would be tough to arrange frequent games in the season)

Throughout the year there are two events:

The first being the PSUK regional tournament which is generally held in January/February. This involves players from the Northeast region coming together and from this we look to pick a team for the PSUK National event.

The second being the PSUK National event which is generally held at the end of May at different locations around the UK.

As a force, we had some success in the 2024 National event:

Steven Gibbons (Northumbria) partnered up with a player from Durham to win the Open doubles.

Graeme Simpson (retired Northumbria officer) and Mandie Reay were runners up in the Super Vet Mixed doubles.

We look to continue this into the next season!

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