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Football – Ladies

The women’s football team has around 25 members comprising of police officers and police staff.

Training sessions are held every other Monday, between 6.30pm and 7.30pm, at Kenton Sports Centre, Kenton, Newcastle, with a cost of £3 per person to cover the cost of the sports hall.

There is a help screen (hp wfootball) with training dates to allow players to put their name down for the dates they will be attending. This also gives an indication of numbers to allow to plan for the training sessions. Tournaments and events can also be found on the screen.

For any further information please contact:

PC 3495 Julie Steven, HQ Ex 68380
DC 8657 Michelle Gregory, Washington
PC 1746 Amy Jackson, Washington

Our Ladies’ Football Team is made up of both police officers and police staff from various roles and ranks across both Durham and Northumbria Police and is a great way to get some exercise and decompress from the stresses of work.

We spoke to Michelle Gregory, our Ladies’ Football team manager who said:

“Football provides a platform for bonding and discipline and a way to release the everyday stresses which all of our officer’s and staff experience, day in, day out.

“These wider experiences outside of operational policing help engage and build trust and confidence from within, which players can take with them into the communities they serve.”

The training is held at Washington Football Hub and takes place twice a month – one evening session on a Monday and one daytime session on a Friday. Each session costs £3.00 or you can pay £5.00 each month.

Players are of mixed abilities, so whatever your experience is, you’ll be welcomed into the team! Some players come for fun and fitness, others play regularly for teams – some are even pushing to play for GB Police National Team and are awaiting trials in 2023.

Evie Graham said:

“When I joined the police in July 2021, I knew I wanted to join the Force’s football team. As soon as I joined NPSSC, I was able to email Michelle and go along to the next session.

“Being part of a team allowed me to meet people from different areas of the Force that I may not have met day to day.

“The sessions help me switch off from the job which is really beneficial for my wellbeing. I’d definitely recommend joining the football team, everyone is so friendly and welcomed me right away.”

Upcoming events to look out for:

  • January 2023 onwards: Friendlies football matches TBA
  • April/May 2023: Police National Championships
  • August 2023: ESL Emergency Services League – Starting August 2023
  • April 2024: ESL European Championships – April 2024

Interested? Contact Michelle Gregory or Amy Jackson.


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