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The motorcycle section is affiliated to the Federation of British Police Motor Clubs. Members can enter a series of events held over various weekends around the UK throughout the summer known as treks.These treks are navigational scatter events where participants have to plot clues on ordnance survey maps then visit the clues and attempt to find the correct answer. Essentially they are very large treasure hunts which afford members the opportunity to ride around various parts of the UK which these otherwise might never get to see. There are four such treks held every year and points accumulated in the events count towards a riders final position in the national championship. Accomodation is usually in high quality hotels with the opportunity to socialise in the evenings over the trek weekend.

As well as the treks members of the club can also benefit from various discounts and many ride outs are organised throughout the year on an ad-hoc basis.

Contact Stu Parkes mob no 07875516846 or email

The motorcycle club has a motorcycle trailer which can carry 3 bikes. The trailer has lighting board and straps for securing to the trailer. The trailer is now kept at MO- TECH , Bridge House, Elizabeth St, Newcastle upon Tyne NE6 1JS tel no 0191 265 9793.

Persons requiring the use of this trailer please contact Either Stu Parkes 5992 at MEL, or Fraser Doherty at Mo – tech during office hours .

Cleveland Trek 2023


1 st – Brainstormers,     3 rd – V.23’s Fraser Doherty, Ali Graves, Keith Shannon ,  5th – Roundabouts – Stu Parkes

Individual places :

1 – Nick Wilkes, 2 – Fraser Doherty, 3 – Ali Graves, 4 – Stu Parkes , 5 – Alistair Russel, 6 –  Carl Lee, 10th– Keith Shannon.


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