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The NPRTTS was formed in 1938 under the then Newcastle City Police and used locally maintained military deport ranges. In subsequent mergers and amalgamations of County, Borough and City forces, Northumbria Police Target Rifle Club emerged. Since emergence of NPRTSS it has been part of the Northumbria Police Sports and Social Club who have supported it through an annual grant.

The club constitutionally formed and registered as an official Home Office approved club. Membership is for serving, retired officers, civilian staff members and special constables.

The club aims to promote shooting activities and engage in competitive club and national events. The club has an annual visit to the National and International Phoenix Shoot at the national Shooting Centre at Bisley, where members engage in recognized shooting disciplines. Whilst our success rate is reasonable we have in the past been relatively successful. The weekend is also a great social event for those attending. The club also visits the National Shooting event at Newark, a show case for equipment and accessories.

If you are interested in shooting activities then contact 4024 Dave Gilchrist


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