Surfing and Stand Up Paddle Boarding

Northumbria Police Surf Club evolved from three pals on the same shift putting rest days to good use during lockdown 2020, by digging out our surf boards and heading to the beach, along with many others that year. 

The idea of the club started as we found that we came out of the water with a lot less stress and worries than what we went in with. We quickly realised  that there must be other police officers and staff that may already be familiar with sport or want to give it a try. There was a huge number of people who said they already surf or have always thought of trying it from Northern, Central and Southern. We were amazed at the amount of people who wanted to join in and the club was formed. 

We quickly expanded to include Stand Up Paddleboarding due to the amount of interest we had by email from staff who wanted to take part in this too. It also gives up a chance to get out to sea when the waves are not there to surf on! The expansion has went swimmingly and we have gained a large amount of new members. We take our paddle boards out as a group on both the sea and rivers/lakes around the force area which proves to be a great laugh and we have built amazing links with the Marine Unit and RNLI. We have loads of members boards that can be used by people willing to try and give it a go for free, we will also provide life jackets.

We will mostly meet at Longsands Beach, Tynemouth or Cullercoates Bay and rentals for wetsuits and surf boards are available from Tynemouth Surf Co which is located on the beach. Funding received to the club will go towards paying for rentals, purchasing both communal boards and wetsuits for member use. There will be trips away to other beaches/locations with the idea of travelling to other force areas to meet up with their surfers and paddle boarders.  Sessions with instructors will be arranged for members who want to learn and for those who want to improve their surfing and SUPing skills.

The club welcomes EVERYONE from total beginners to advanced surf and SUPers and the focus is on having fun and de-stressing rather than competing. A decent level of swimming is advised. For any questions please get in touch. 

To join or ask any questions, please email Adam Henderson 

Chairman - Adam Henderson (PC 2248) 

Treasurer - Ben Blackburn (PC 8014)

Secretary - Josh Martin (PC 1142)