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Fresh Water Fishing

The section organises competitions with a view to identifying those who will take part and represent Northumbria Police in both the Regional and National Fishing Championships.

The majority of matches are fished against Durham, Cleveland, South Yorkshire, North Yorkshire and Humberside, and more often than not are fished on well established fishing venues such as Woodlands, Thirsk and Lindholme Fisheries.

The section has 34 members of which only 15 or so are regular attenders.  Like most of the other sections at this time the majority of members are retired officers and I would estimate that these account for about 70% of the current membership.


PSUK Fishing Match The Oaks Sessay 24th May 2021

The first match of the season was the PSUK Invitational Match held at the Oaks Lakes, Sessay, North Yorkshire on Monday 24th May 2021. Teams had travelled to the event from all over the UK and as well as police forces there were teams from The Army, RAF, Prison Service and even HMRC.

It was decided to use 5 lakes in total on the complex these being Maple Lake, Cedar Lake, Ash Lake, Beech Lake and Sycamore Lake.

25 Teams of four quality anglers were to fish the event which was likely to be hotly contested. A number of the teams were sponsored and could be classed as semi-professional.

Representing Northumbria were Paul Hutchinson, David Brown, Ray Westgarth and Vince King. The forecast was fair with no rain forecast for a change. Because of their local knowledge of the lakes the anglers were place on the following;

Maple – Ray Westgarth

Cedar – Vince King

Ash – Dave Brown

Sycamore – Paul Hutchinson

The draw was a tough one for Northumbria with a Cleveland/Humberside police team on one side  and the top class Army Red team on the other.

The fish had just finished spawning and the anglers found the fish difficult to come by. Paul Hutchinson fished an excellent match catching 108Lb for 3rd on his lake and 4th place overall.

Dave Brown also fished a good match catching 92lb for 2nd on his lake and 5th overall.

The team event was won by Prison Service North Black, with Army Red second and HMRC third.

Team Northumbria were a very creditable 13th 

The individual winner was Gaz Evans from Army Red team with an excellent 154lbs.


                                                Durham Invitation, Forest Lane.

Friday 25th June 2021, was the first match of 2021 with our friends in the Durham team. Due to Covid 19 this has been the first opportunity in 2021 for us to meet and see old faces. The match was held on Oakland Lake, Forest Lane, near York.  A good turn out from both teams, Covid rules still adhered to with meeting in the car park and the draw was made by one person.

The weather had took a turn to the worse, Thursday was sunny with temp around 25c but by 18:00 Thursday night the heavy rain fell with it lasting all night, the next morning was still raining but not as heavy, the temp had dropped to 12c. 

The draw was made at 09:00hrs and the keen anglers made their way to their allocated pegs. Some hadn’t fished since before lock down, so was eager to set up and start catching fish. At 10:30hrs the “all in” was sounded, it was a slow start with most people going out on the pole, the odd few went on the feeder rods. After a short time fish started to get caught but it was clear with the rain and the colder wind this would be a hard day.

After a few hours the rain stopped and the fish started to feed, looking around the lake some big carp was now falling to the different methods, with barbel  also falling to the meat/caster tactics. Steve Holmes (Northumbria) started in the margin attempting to catch big carp, but after a few hours this tactics wasn’t working for him and tried out in front, he carried on  feeding the margin for later in the afternoon with the hope the big carp would move in . Paul Hutchinson (Northumbria) started 6mtrs out feeding meat with the rig 2”over depth and started catching a steady stream of Barbel, then moved into the margins fishing with pellet and started landing the big carp. Dave brown (Northumbria) was on the opposite bank with the same tactics, he was fishing caster, he unfortunately had the cold wind blowing from his left hand side, this made it difficult for the presentation of his bait.

At 16:30hrs “Time “ was sounded, due to covid restrictions anglers had to sit at their pegs and wait for a member of staff to weigh the fish,  no one could walk around and see other anglers and had to wait to be told the results at the end.

The final recorded weight:

1st Paul Hutchinson (Northumbria) 101lb.10oz

2nd Dave Brown (Northumbria) 65lb.10oz

3rd Steve Holmes (Northumbria) 63lb 12oz

4th Roy McClean (Durham)62lb 10oz

Well done Northumbria guys, all fished well. 

                Durham Invitation, Forest Lane.

Friday 27th August 2021, was 4th match of the season, this was at Forest Lane fisheries, Oaklands was the lake booked. This was the same lake we fished earlier in the year and had good results. Another good turn out from both Durham and Northumbria teams. Covid rules still adhered to with meeting in the car park and the draw was made by one person.

The weather forecast stated it would be cloudy with light winds. In fact they forgot to mention the fine rain that would last for most of the day. 

The draw was made at 09:00hrs and the anglers made their way to their allocated pegs. Due to another match on the lake next to Oaklands we had to start our match earlier than normal, this only gave anglers an hour to set up and get bait prepared. At 10:00 the shout “All in” was sounded and some people still wasn’t ready, some still finding the right depth, some still mixing bait. But that didn’t matter, the fishing had started.

As per the previous match on this lake, some anglers went for the feeder rods and some for the pole. No fish was caught straight away, so we knew this would be a hard match.

After a few hours only the odd fish was being caught, the rain had faired up but still hadn’t fully stopped. Approx 13:00hrs anglers started to hook into some fish, some were getting smaller fish using shallow method, bigger carp were being caught on the method feeder, people on the pole  approx 7mtrs out, also started to hit into the fish, using 6mm meat on the hook and feeding 4mm soaked pellet. Kevin Hood (Northumbria) thought he had a very large carp as his pole tip went flying round, it then came apart and was dragged through the lake, he noticed a duck swimming off franticly being followed by 3 sections of his pole. The duck climbed out the lake with Kevin running after it. Good news, duck was fine; Kevin retrieved his top three sections of his pole and returned to try and build his swim back up. Graham Colclough (Durham) stayed on his method feeder and ended up just dropping his bait to the right, but fishing close in, he started hitting some large carp and barbel.

At 16:00 “Time “ was sounded, due to covid restrictions, the owner of the complex weighed anglers catches, Graham Colclough was penalised as he only put one keep net in at the start, he had over 70lb in this net, rules state only 60lb per net, he was knocked down to 60lb. he wasn’t happy but rules are clear.

The final recorded weight:

1st Paul Hutchinson (Northumbria) 87lb 12oz

2nd Kenny Kitchen (Durham) 64lb 12oz

3rd Graham Colclough (Durham) 60lb.

4th Vince King (Northumbria) 53lb 2oz

Durham Invitation Tees valley Fishery

This was the third match of the season and was held on Friday 23rd July, at Tees Valley Fishery, near Yarm.  Some anglers fished this lake many years ago, but since then the lake has had lots of work and the lay out has been changed with some pegs taken out and areas filled in making the middle island longer.

Another great turn out from both Durham and Northumbria. The weather was forecasted to be sunny with very light winds. They got it right for a change, this lake is cut into a valley and when the sun beats down it gets very warm with no wind. The draw was made at 09:00hrs with the same covid rules adhered to, one person did the draw informing other anglers their allocated pegs.

At 11:00rs “All in” was called, most people went straight onto the pole tactics, a few went onto the method feeder, Vince King (Northumbria) was one of the anglers who stuck with the method feeder, this paid off for him as he fished close to the middle island and had fish fighting for his presented hook bait. He started landing some nice carp tipping the scales at 5lb a fish.  Dave Brown(Northumbria) also was catching from the start, his only problem,  he had to brake his pole down twice as he had a high bank behind him, this prevented him shipping his pole straight back. Towards the middle of the afternoon he went onto the method feeder, his good run of catching fish put him well ahead of other anglers.

17:00hrs “Time” was called and another days fishing over, this had been a hard match, due to the bright sunshine all day, but plenty of fish were caught. The scales and weighing net went to each peg, every angler caught fish, final result:

1st Dave Brown (Northumbria) 88lb 3oz

2nd Boyd Weddle (Northumbria) 61lb 3oz

3rd Roy McClean (Durham) 48lb 11oz

4th Paul Hutchinson (Northumbria) 43lb 6oz

Well done to Dave and Boyd both had fished well and finished with a good weight.

                                        Ineos Angling Club  invitation

This was held on Sunday 15th August. The invitation was for both Durham and Northumbria to attend a private lake near Darlington to fish an individual match alongside the Ineos Angling club. No one from Northumbria had any information about the lake, even the web site did not help as to access the site you needed to be a member of the club. The only info we had was, after parking your car it was a very long walk to the lake side, the carp were all hard fighting and well into the double figures.

At 08:00hrs all anglers had to meet at a security gate before being escorted into the complex, on arrival at the car park, anglers loaded up their trolley and struggled with the long walk through a very small path. At the end of the path was a very idyllic lake, surrounded by trees.   Weather was sunny with no wind.

At 09:00hrs the draw was made, following covid restrictions, this was done by a member of the Ineos team and pegs were allocated to anglers. This would be a tight match as all the pegs were taken and the spacing of the pegs was very close to each other. They also supply all keep nets, this saves any infections passed from lake to lake.

10:00hrs the “All In” was sounded, due to the layout of the lake, long poles were out of the question, and if you were lucky enough to have a floating island in front of you, then this was a good method feeder spot. Otherwise it was 8 metres in front or fishing down the edge. Fish were slowly being caught around the lake, when anglers hit into any of the big carp you knew it as they swam off like torpedoes, this causing lines to snap or hooks to come out, (then the swearing started). Some pegs had some nice lily pads to fish up to and these were the place to hit those crafty carp.

At 16:00hrs “time “was called, the match was over, every angler caught but some could not get the feeding right, or when they hooked a large fish they lost it at the net. A member of the Inoes team came to every peg and weighed the fish, then recorded the results.

Final Result:

1st Paul Hutchinson (Northumbria) 74lb 2oz

2nd Ron Davies (Ineos) 61lb 5oz

3rd Kevin hall (Ineos) 56lb 3oz

4th Dave Brown (Northumbria) 45lb 14oz

Well done to team Northumbria, we had no details of the lake, depths, bait etc, but still had two in the top 4.