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Strongman / Strongwoman Training

Calling all strength fans, gym go-ers, power lifters, cross fitters and even those who have never even lifted weights in their lives. It’s time to really start enjoying getting fit and becoming strong at the same time!

Have you ever watched ‘The World’s Strongest Man’ at Christmas and thought, “I would love to give that a try!” Well why not? Now is your chance!

We are bringing Strongman / Woman training to Northumbria Police in 2021 and would love for you all to come and get involved.

What is Strongman / Woman?

Whether it’s lifting atlas stones, hoisting weight with deadlifts, pressing logs above your head, running whilst carrying various different implements or pulling loads such as a van or lorry to name but a few.

Strongman training is all about functional strength, this style of training is a great way to build all-over power like you’ve never felt before and most importantly it is FUN!!…I like to think of it as an ‘Adult Sports Day’.

Break free of standard gym routines which many people find a chore and try out Strongman / Women Training. The camaraderie, the atmosphere, the team effort, who knows… You might someday be ‘Britain’s Strongest Police Officer’, which brings us nicely onto our next topic.

Britain’s Strongest Police Officer Strongman Competition

If you enjoy the type of training Strongman / Woman has to offer and wish to try out your new found strength then look no further than the National Police Strongman Competition, ‘Britain’s Strongest Police Officer’ held each year at different gyms / venues located around the UK. Open to all members of the Police family,  this competition sees Police Officers / staff travel from up and down the Country to compete for the title of ’Britain’s Strongest Cop’.

The competition has a number of different weight categories and a ‘First Timers’ section to suit absolutely all levels. This includes complete beginners who wish to be involved and experience the competition for the first time; up to much more advanced categories for the seasoned lifters. There are Female / Male categories and the competition itself has one of the greatest atmospheres a sport can have, you have to give it a try, you won’t be disappointed!

A team of us participated in 2020 and it was a blast! We will be organising the team again this year.  I am hoping that Northumbria Police will have a much bigger presence this year. If anyone is interested please get in touch with either myself (Lozz 8003) or (April 1583). Even if you can’t get to the Strongman sessions that we will be running there are a number of gyms based around the North East that have access to Strongman kit; the owners will be more than happy to show you the ropes with equipment and set you on your way for signing up and competing with the team we take down.

Facebook Group – Norpol Strongman / Woman Club

A Northumbria Police Strongman / Woman private group has been set up on Facebook for those officers wishing to be involved. The group has been set up so that training sessions can be arranged; officers can post topics in relation to anything Strongman / fitness / diet / training plans etc and we aim to build a great fitness community within the Force. To join the group search ‘Norpol Strongman / Woman Club’.


The training will initially take place at ‘Houghton Police Station’ and sessions will only take place when arranged through the Facebook group and via email to those who do not use Social Media (Let us know if you prefer email to the Facebook Group). These sessions will be announced in due course so keep your eyes peeled.

Due to health and safety and operational duties at the Station the equipment will not be available to officers other than the organised times and dates which we will try our best to cater for all shifts. If we gain enough interest, I will look to eventually set up a club in another area command as I know there are a lot of you interested who are based further away. We would ask that members attending pay £3.00 that would go straight back into the money pot so that more equipment can be bought in time and so that a 2nd club could be set up to cater for other area commands. We would love to one day see numerous sessions taking place force wide and Officers reaping the benefits mentally and physically.

We look forward to seeing you at the sessions, having had such restricted times over the last year let’s make this Summer a good healthy and strong one!

Stay Strong, Lozz and April.


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