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Northumbria Police Fresh Water Fishing Section (Coarse Fishing)

The section organises competitions with a view to identifying those who will take part and represent Northumbria Police in both the Regional and National Fishing Championships.

The majority of matches are fished against Durham, Cleveland, South Yorkshire, North Yorkshire and Humberside, and more often than not are fished on well established fishing venues such as Woodlands, Thirsk and Lindholme Fisheries.

The section has 34 members of which only 15 or so are regular attenders.  Like most of the other sections at this time the majority of members are retired officers and I would estimate that these account for about 70% of the current membership.

The section has in the past had some fair success in both the Regional and National Championships with the Force winning the Regional Team Championships on 2 occasions and the Regional Individual Championships on 1 occasion.
In 1992 DC Dave Brown beat 240 individuals to win The National Police Championships on the Warwickshire Avon with 40lb 1oz of Chub.  The team also achieved their best ever position finishing 6th out of 40 teams.

Durham Invitation Match Forest Lane.

This was the first match of 2024 and was held on Friday 22nd March on Oaklands, Forest Lane, Alne, North Yorkshire.

After a long hard and wet winter, it was nice to catch up with fellow team mates from both Durham and Northumbria. The meet was in the onsite Café at 08:00, where all participated in a cooked breakfast. The owner of the complex was on hand as usual to give plenty advice on tactics to be used and the best baits, stating the match will be hard as it rained for over 12hrs the day before and the lake never fishes well after a good down pour.

At 09:00hrs the draw was made and everyone went to their allocated pegs. The first thing we all noticed, the water level was well up with some pegs slightly underwater, the grass path was just a mud path, so all the lovely new and shiny gear that was purchased over the Christmas was going to get covered in the stuff. The good news, no rain expected, the bad news it was forecast gale force winds with a cold wind blowing down the lake.

10:00hrs the “All In” was sounded. Due to the high winds a lot of people went on the feeder rod, some brave people went on the pole, but nothing further then 6mtrs. After the first hour no sign of people catching anything. The sun was out but due to the high winds, it wasn’t bringing much warmth to the lake. Just before lunch people started catching, Graham Colclough (Durham) was sat on an end peg, this was in the sheltered part of the lake, he fished the feeder to the side reeds and was hitting into some good Barbel and Carp. The odd fish was also being caught by other anglers. Andy Bell (Northumbria) had been catching a few on the feeder but then went down the edge on the pole, he also started to hit on some bigger carp and barbel.

At 16:00hrs the “All out” had been called. This was the end of the first match of the season, everyone had caught fish, it had been a hard cold day, with plenty of people shivering. The results recorded as:

1st Andy Bell (Northumbria) 41lb 14oz

2nd Graham Colclough (Durham) 39lb 9oz

3rd Paul Hutchinson (Northumbria) 33lb 4oz

4th Paul Anderson (Durham) 33lb 1oz

Congratulations Andy with his first win with Northumbria.

Next match Oaklands, Forest Lane, Friday 26.04.24

Durham Invitation Match Forest Lane.

This was the second match of the year and was held on Friday 26th April.  at Forest Lane, Alne, fishing Oaklands, the weather over the past few days and nights had been very cold with a frost overnight.

The meet was at 08:00hrs in the complex café, with a great turn out from both teams. The owner of the fishery was on hand with his usual advice, he stated due to the frost and cold wind it will be a very hard match. At 09:00hrs the draw was made and everyone made their way to their allocated pegs. It was apparent when we got to the lake the place had lots of rain recently as the bankside was thick mud in places. The very light winds were blowing down the lake and the sun was shining.

At 10:30hrs ‘All in’ was sounded. Most people went on the short pole and some on the Feeder, Dave Brown (Northumbria) was pegged in the corner and started catching small carp within minutes at 11mtrs, he appeared to be the only one catching, then later that morning Roy McClean (Durham) started catching Chub and carp on the bomb rod, it was clear people were struggling with the usual tactics some hadn’t had a bite in the first two hours. Later in the afternoon the odd fish started getting caught around the lake, nobody was bagging up. Boyd Weddle (Northumbria) stated he had fish in his margins but they weren’t interested in the bait he was using. Paul Hutchinson (Northumbria) pegged next to Boyd, started fishing the pellet waggler at 16mtrs, this tactic worked as he had a run of carp. Then the heavy rain came mixed with hail, so fishing this far out was impossible.

Due to the heavy persistent rain a few people started to pack up. At 16:00hrs ‘All out’ was called. The worse part was packing up in the constant rain. Everyone stated it had been a very hard match with different tactics tried but not working. The scales went round with three people not weighing anything.

1st Roy McClean (Durham) 43lb 15oz

2nd Paul Hutchinson (Northumbria) 40lb 6oz

3rd Andy Bell (Northumbria) 35lb 11oz

4th Dave Brown (Northumbria) 27lb 12oz

Well done to all that attended a very cold and wet days fishing.

Northumbria Police Summer Series 2024


Monday 20th May 2024. Bowes Lake, Angel of the North Lakes, Birtley.

This was to be the first of 4 matches held on the venue over the summer. Anticipation was high on what is a normally prolific venue however the competitors were told on arrival that the carp had started to spawn and that this was likely to scupper any hopes of big weights.

The draw was made at 10am and anglers went off to their respective pegs to tackle up ready for the 12 noon start.

As expected when the match started it was slow going for all concerned. Ian Nicholson (Northumbria) on peg 3 elected to fish a cage feeder which proved to be a good decision as he caught good numbers of small ide, roach and barbel.

Meanwhile on peg 12 Paul Anderson (Durham) fished a method feeder across to the reeds and managed to snare some of the resident carp along with good numbers of small fish.

However on peg 22 Steve Holmes (Northumbria) rolled back the years with a stunning performance. Fishing the pellet waggler Steve managed to catch a number of carp some in excess of 7lb.

At the weigh there was only ever going to be one winner .

1st Steve Holmes 54lb 2oz

2nd Paul Anderson 26lb 11oz

3rd Ian Nicholson 22lb 6oz


Next match in this series is Monday 1st July 2024 on Bowes Lake.

Durham Invitation Forest Lane Fishery,

This was the third match of the year and was held on Friday 24thh May at Forest Lane, fishing a lake called The Don.

This lake is the original lake of the complex stocked with mixed fish, Roach, Tench, Carp over 20lb and even large goldfish over 2lb. The only problem with this lake all the platforms are small and it’s a walk down a bank to get to your peg. The weather forecast for the day was predicted light winds and dry. The owner of the complex stated it would fish hard as on Thursday they had a week’s worth of rain in a couple of hours, the place doesn’t fish well after so much cold water going into the lake, also the carp are spawning.

At 09:00hrs the draw was made and some favourable pegs had been drawn, everyone appeared happy and made off to their allocated pegs.  Paul Hutchinson (Northumbria) drew 26, this was next to a bridge, it looked a great peg that would hold a lot of fish, however Eddy the owner stated to fish this peg the best tactic was to fish a 14.5mtr pole with hard pellet, but  be careful as the carp try to get under the bridge and that’s when you lose plenty of gear.

At 10:30hrs the “All in” was sounded. Plenty of large double figure carp could be seen cruising around the lake, but they weren’t interested in any food and just knocked bait out of the way. They had other things on their mind due to it being spawning season.  After a few hours, no one was shouting out that they were catching and due to the size of the lake with the tree coverage, it wasn’t easy to see other anglers. Kevin Hood (Northumbria) hooked into his first big carp and after a few minutes, we could hear the swearing, yes, he had lost the carp, but it turned out to be expensive for him as he also lost his top two sections of his pole (still attached to the diving carp) he was now £75 down.

Paul Hutchinson also started hitting into the big carp, but as soon as he hooked into one it was straight under the bridge, another one that got away. The odd fish was now being caught by other team members, Roy McClean (Durham) went onto the pellet waggler, fishing tight up to the middle island, same problem for him, he couldn’t get the fish to take the bait and found it a long and trying day. All methods were being tried, with not one producing good fish. The usual places down the edge towards the end of the match was always a good area to go for those big fish, but this wasn’t working either. With Half hour to go before the end of the match Kevin Hood finally started to catch fish on the feeder, casting this to the middle island, Paul Anderson (Durham) was having a poor day with only being able to catch small skimmers and roach.

16:30hrs “Time” was called. Another match finished, paul Hutchinson had managed to lose 11 large carp under the bridge, that also cost him 3 full rigs, but no one could beat Keving Hood losing that top kit. The scales went around to each peg and it was a very close call with the weights, with everyone saying the same thing, the fish were not interested.

Final results:

1st Roy McClean (Durham) 36lb 13oz

2nd Paul Hutchinson (Northumbria) 33lb 05oz

3rd Kevin Hood (Northumbria) 31lb 01oz

4th Andy Bell (Northumbria) 30.06oz

The next match of this series will be held at Forest Lane on Friday 7th June,


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