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Northumbria Police Sports

& Social Club Ltd (NPSSC)


The Judo section is open to all Sports and Social Club members (including retired officers) of what ever ability.

Full details of current members of the Judo Section are held on RH JUDO on the police screens and training venues.

John Tierney can advise you of any training venues in your area if you do not have access to the help screen.

The Section attends the National Championships which are usually held in September throughout the country. There are also opportunities to represent the Police UK Squad in National and International competitions. There are training weekends opens to any member to attend and chances to be graded.

Chair - John Tierney john.tierney.484@northumbria.pnn.police.uk


On the weekend of 8th March 5 Northumbria officers joined over 150 judo players at the Welsh  National Sports Centre in Cardiff.

The Northumbria Team joined The National Police Team, the full Welsh National Team and an international Judo team for Scandinavia.   The weekend included two fighting sessions and numerous technical sessions taken by ex-world champion Loretta Cusack.

The weekend was a great success with everyone developing their judo.