Mini Bus Use

0191 437 3571


Northumbria Police Sports

& Social Club Ltd (NPSSC)

Mini Bus Use

PLEASE NOTE: We do not hire out the vehicles, we allow members to use the vehicles and ask a contribution towards fuel costs

The booking procedure is as follows:

The user should contact NPSSC, on ext 73571, (01914373571) to check vehicle availability, the vehicle will then be reserved.

A confirmation will be sent out with a request for the fee of £50 per day or part of.


Vehicle conditions attached to use.  Please read with care.

The advance booking of and receipt of authorisation to use an Association vehicle does no guarantee that a vehicle will be available for use on the date(s) for which the booking was accepted.  In the event of a booking being cancelled by the Association or a vehicle not being available in relation to a confirmed booking the Association shall not be held liable for any costs which may arise there from.

All reference to members is as defined in the rules of the northumbria police sports & social club ltd

Note: Authorised drivers are further restricted by age & qualification.

1.             Restrictions On Use

                The use of NPSSC Ltd vehicles is restricted by virtue of vehicle insurance to members only and other specified users, and then only for sporting or recreation                       purposes and the business of the Association;

                There must be a minimum of 6 Sports and Social Members Travelling. 

2.             Storage

                The Association vehicles will be stored at Car Park, Byker Police Station;

3.             Collection

                Keys for the vehicle will only be supplied against proof of ‘authorisation’ and against signature of authorised user in the ‘Vehicle Key Register’ maintained at                           Byker Front Office;

4.             Authorised Drivers

                The authorisation to drive any of the Association’s vehicles is restricted by vehicle insurance to members only who are 25 years of age or over and who are                       'Authorised Van Drivers’, or others specifically named on the policy;

5.             Pre-Journey Checks

                A vehicle check must be carried out prior to commencing a journey and any defects notified immediately to the keeper of the ‘Vehicle Key Register’;

                Particular attention must be paid to oil, water and fuel levels;

                Any defects occurring during use should also be notified at the first available opportunity.  All defects and action taken relative to these must be noted in the                          vehicle’s journey bill surrendered at the conclusion of use;

6.             Breakdown / Repairs

                The Association has full ‘Breakdown & Recovery’ cover with the RAC, Tel. 03332023000

                In the event of a breakdown please contact the Administration Office on 0191 4373571 for details.  Major repairs should not be carried out without the express                       authority of an Officer of the Association;

7.             Fuel

                On collection and return of the vehicle it shall be full of fuel;

                When refuelling the vehicles, The Code of Ethics should be taken into account and personal reward cards should not be used;

                The keys should be returned to the Security office;

8.             Speed Restrictions

                The vehicle will be driven at speeds in keeping with the weather and other conditions prevailing;

9..            Passengers

                Guests: The total number of guests conveyed within an Association vehicle shall not exceed the ratio of one guest to two members.  Where the guest is a                           spouse of a member the ratio will be one guest to one member.  Children shall be carried at the ratio of two children to each adult;

                The user must ensure that the vehicle is not overloaded;

Please note guests are persons not employed by Northumbria Police and cannot therefore become members of Sports and Social. Employees who elect not to join Sports and Social are not eligible to make use of the minibus.

10.           General

                At the conclusion of use, the vehicle must be cleaned and oil and water levels must be checked and attended to as required;

                Accepted use of the Association’s vehicles will be taken as acceptance of the conditions attached to such use.  In the event of any of the foregoing conditions not                   being complied with, action may be taken by the Association’s Directors against the user;

11.           Insurance

               The vehicles are insured through Zurich Municipal. Certificate Number XAO-272000-8853. Tel. 01489882110